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Information for Medical Professionals
The following information is intended for Medical Professionals.
Please be aware that it is not intended for the general public nor for Medical Professionals working outside Japan.
Are you a Medical Professional?
LiveDo Corporation aspires to support the ongoing transformation in the medical field through customer's perspective

“Medical Cure” and “Nursing Care” is a service that is very closely associated with each other that should not be considered separately.

Through such understanding, LiveDo has worked closely with various medical professionals to provide products and service that is best suited to enhance and support safe and sustainable hospital management.

LiveDo Medical :
How we Deliver Effective Solutions

LiveDo Medical has defined “Surgical Products” and “Surgical non-woven materials” as Products, and “Customer Oriented Solution Service” as Service, and has supported total hospital needs in Japan.
We will continue to fully support hospitals to attain healthy sustainable management, and to adapt to evolving medical demands.

Surgical Kit Products

We aim to standardize the tasks associated in preparation for a surgery, thereby creating a safe and secure operating environment.
We will work with our customers to improve safety and reliability of surgical instruments, and to improve efficiency through standardization of surgical devices.
Surgical Kits contains essential devices used in surgery

Our surgical kits contains the essential items used in surgery, from disposables to non-woven products such as drapes and gowns, tailor made to suit each hospital’s needs.
Kits will reduce the nosocomial infection risks for both Medical Professionals and patients, and also will contribute to improve work efficiency and reduce labor tasks for nursing staffs.

LiveDo Medical provides surgical kits based on our unique concept aimed to improve efficiency around the surgery room

Surgical kits are already a standard in countries such as United States and is also becoming a standard in Japan.
LiveDo Medical Kits are uniquely developed to fit the needs of Japanese hospitals and to promote the standardization of surgical kits in Japan.

Our philosophy underlying our product:
“Maximize the merits attainable through surgical kits”

Non-Woven Products

Our product development always starts with customer perspective.

Disposable non-woven products are indispensable in the medical field to protect Medical Professionals and patients from contamination and infection risks. LiveDo Medical has considered safety as the baseline of its product development, and has been delivering high-quality, high-functional products from the customer perspective.

And as the medical field is evolving constantly, we have been focusing on agile adaptation to the changing needs and delivering products that best suites the frontline.

Surgical Drapes

As the surgical procedures also diversify, LiveDo Medical's surgical drapes provide appropriate barrier performance incorporating various technologies and functions to apply to various surgical procedures or operation time.


LiveDo Medical markets various products to be used in surgical fields such as full film back table cover,and water repellent non-woven fabric products such as sterile tool pockets, and leggings cover.


Surgical Gown L4 has high-barrier properties equivalent to AAMI Level 4, and air permeable non-woven fabrics are applied to the reverse side for comfort.
The gown has passed ASTM F1670 testing conducted by a Japanese inspection agency and complies with the artificial-blood barrier standard required for AAMI Level 4.


We offer a wide range of products to support Medical Professionals against infection.

Caps and Masks

We provide a wide variety of medical caps and masks.

LiveDo Medical seeks to provide total solution for hospitals,
encompassing both Products and Service.