Care and Cure Life Care & Medical
Total solutions in the field
of Care and Cure
Life Care
Supporting personal lifestyles
As well as adult diapers, LiveDo Corporation various products for home care, nursing facilities and hospitals.
Taking the customer’s viewpoint, we support transformation in the medical field.
Owing both to rapid population aging and to changes in disease structure and an evolving healthcare environment, year-by-year national medical expenditure has been increasing. In Japan, the medical insurance system and hospital management have entered a phase of transformation. Closely collaborating with healthcare professionals, LiveDo is committed to providing products and services that support safe and secure hospital management.


Our precursor company, Toyo Eiseizai Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 1965 to manufacture disposable diapers and related sanitary products. Since then, the company has been active in the healthcare sector.

Responding to changes in the business environment, while establishing a second pillar of business support, the company started making disposable  medical products and, on April 1, 2002, was renamed LiveDo Corporation.

The name LiveDo (Live+Do) represents our aspiration, by helping people to actively get on with their daily lives, to become a company that ’supports the power of life’.

So as to better serve our customers, the change in corporate name reflected our commitment to improve management quality and support nursing and healthcare transformation. Besides designing Refré and other innovative brands, we have worked with healthcare professionals to actively support the transformation of the medical industry.

Going beyond nursing care and wider medical care, as a company that ’supports the power of life’, we address various social issues in our effort to help people to realize healthy and active lives.

President and Representative Director
Tomohito Uda


We aspire to ...

See ahead
Develop markets with our
eye on needs to come
Create value
Benefit the world by
creating real value
Keep evolving
Remain in prime
condition to evolve


Guiding principles
  • Make customers happy they chose us
  • Ensure we have the distinctive skills and creative talent to stay ahead
  • The better the people, the better the company, the better the world
  • People want to work in a bright and vibrant corporate culture
  • We cooperate and collaborate to achieve success
  • We sincerely care about the environment
Practical approach
  • We promptly respond to customer concerns
  • We make decisions based on our own judgement
  • Each of us can improve our useful skills
  • We are always alive to the next challenge
  • When we find out useful information, we quickly share it
  • We take proper care of the workplace


Company Name
LiveDo Corporation
April 1, 1965
JPY 773,247,850. (as of June, 2024)
Line of business
Manufacture and sales of adult diapers, supplies and products used in caregiving, disposable medical products (Surgical non-woven fabric items and Surgical kits products).
Top Management
Chairman and Executive Director
Takao Kusumi
President and Representative Director
Tomohito Uda
Executive Vice President and Director
Keiichi Ishikawa
Toshihiro Kato
Yoshito Sano
Kazumichi Hayashi
Hajime Shimomura
Outside Director
Katsuhiko Yoshida
(as of June, 2024)
1,192 (as of March, 2024) *Excluding part-timers
Major Banks
Iyo Bank, Awa Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, and Shoko Chukin Bank
Sales Turnover
JPY 56,5 billion
ISO certification
ISO9001, ISO14001(Life Care Business Dept.)
ISO13485(Medical Business Dept.)


  • Branch Office
  • Sales Office
  • Life care Factory
  • Medical Factory
  • Innovation Center
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Osaka Head Office
5F–6FJP Bldg., 1-6-10 Kawara-machi,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 541-0048, Japan
Shikoku Head Office
45-2 Handa, Kanada-cho, Shikokuchuo,
Ehime 799-0122, Japan
Life Care Tokyo Branch Office
3F Shinjuku Eastside Square,
27-30 Shinjuku 6-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Medical Tokyo Branch Office
16F Sumitomo Nakanosakaue Bldg.,
1-38-1 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0011,